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Render of a bacteriophage on bacteria

Helping Nature Do What
Chemistry Can’t

Phage Refinery is a leading service provider of isolation, characterization, purification, and directed evolution of bacteriophages for application in human, animal and plant therapies and diagnostics.

What Powers Phage Refinery

Committed to Quality

We provide sustaining value to our clients by performing our services faster, better, and more efficiently.
You’ll even get a free “do over” if we fail to extract phage from your feedstock sample.

A Lifetime of Research

We leverage more than thirty years of focused research by one of the world’s leading phage biochemists and his laboratory team. This extensive portfolio of unique and protected technology is the bedrock of our business.

Flexibility to Grow With You

Our Service Platform is flexibly scalable from research uses to industrial volumes of both unrefined feedstock and refined output. So as your needs evolve from research towards therapy applications, we’re right there with you.

What People Are Saying

Phage Refinery’s process let me isolate phages
much more effectively than before, and let me quickly get on
with my more valued research activities.
Dr. Rick White, Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics
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